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Celebration 6 is almost here! I have illustrated a new Star Wars print for their art show, which was revealed on the official Star Wars site. The print will be limited to 250 and will be sold exclusively at the convention. Pre orders are no longer available, but you can pick up a print at my table if you are attending. I will be doing remarques, black and white or color for an additional fee. You can check out my print here:… Also on my website here:

Star Wars Celebration 6 will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida August 23-26 2012. Hope to see you there!
Going to Comic Con?? I will be there again this year in Artists' Alley - and at the same table as last year, yay! Please stop by and say hello. I will be accepting on site commissions, including 8x11 head sketches and full character art, also sketch card commissions! There will be prints available, including some never offered before.

Comic Con starts with Preview night July 11 and goes on until Sunday July 15. I will be there for the whole show.
I will be at table II-18, right near the entrance G. See you there!
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It's a new year with new opportunities! I have a few projects in the works, commissions, and some bigger things on the way, but too early to say for sure how they will all pan out, so I can't share all of it yet. I just finished a Blade Runner commissioned painting which I'm very happy with, so I will be posting that soon. I haven't done many Blade Runner pieces so I am pretty excited about this one.
Also Star Wars Galaxy Series 7 from Topps will be released in February, for which I have done 120 sketch cards, that's 100 hobby 20 retail. And again I have a base card for this set, when I get the okay I will post it in my gallery. It's already been shown on the Topps sell sheet as a small image.

And of course, conventions. I may check out Amazing Arizona Comic Con which is coming up in what, a week I think? I will be at Phoenix Comicon, but only as an attendee, so I will be walking around the floor. San Diego Comic Con is a definite, and I will be in Artists' Alley again.
The con I'm most excited about will be Star Wars Celebration VI in August. At this time I have not been officially invited, but hopefully I will have an announcement in the next few months. I have some ideas for an art print for the show, and if it all works out, I think people will get a kick out of it!

Stay tuned!!
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Going to San Diego Comic Con? Be sure to stop by my table in Artists' Alley (table II-18).

I will be offering prints, some brand new ones and older ones if you missed out on them previous years, also I'll be doing sketches and sketch card commissions on request.

The convention begins with preview night on Wednesday July 20 and goes on 'til Sunday July 24. Se you all there!
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I will be a guest artist at Phoenix Comicon which takes place Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29th 2011, at the Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency. If you are attending please stop by and say hello! You can find me at table 677 near the 'Star Wars Neighborhood' booth. I will be selling prints and doing on site commissions (sketch cards and 8.5x11 art, color and b&w) for those interested. More details of the convention may be found here:
My profile may be found under the comics guest list here:…
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Didn't make it to Celebration V? For a limited time you can pre order my Empire Strikes Back limited edition print now available at Star Wars Shop! (pre orders go on until September 3) These were selling at the show for $50, you can order them now for a measly $39.99! Check it out at the link here:…
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If you are a Star Wars fan Orlando Florida is the place to be next week! The 30th Anniversary of Empire Strikes back is being celebrated in style at the Orange County Convention Center. Star Wars Celebration V will take place August 12-16 2010. If you are going be sure to stop by Artists' Alley where Star Wars artists will be selling limited edition prints exclusive to the show. Here is a link to some of the artists including myself taking part.…

I am still taking reservations for my print up until Monday August 9th, if you are interested please email me at These reservations are for Thursday only and no specific numbers can be held. Sorry, Lucasfilm rules!

Again, here is the print I will be selling at the show:…
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Comic Con is just around the corner! If you are attending please stop by my table in Artists' Alley at table GG-15. I will be doing the the usual on site commissions,  selling prints, selling sketch cards, etc. If you happen to have my Star Wars Galaxy 5 base card (check it out here )or a Muppet Peter Pan Hardcover trade paperback (I did the back cover which you can see here: ), I will gladly sign it for you.

See you soon!
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A bit late posting this. Topps just released their latest card set, Star Wars Galaxy Series 5. I have participated drawing 100 sketch cards, but more exciting for me is I have a base card to be included this time around. Being a long time fan of Star Wars Galaxy art, it is a privilege to be included among such talented artists! You can see a link to my art here:…
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I will be appearing at Star Wars Fan Days III as a guest artist on Oct 24-25 in Plano, Texas. I will be doing on site commissions (sketch cards, as well as 9x12 art) and selling a few prints, (non Star Wars prints - sorry, have to abide by the rules!) Last year's show rocked - so I'm looking forward to this one! If you are attending come by and say hello!
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My Star Wars Revenge of the Sith poster art was selected for a Daily Deviant today, and wow, I'm amazed at all the views in just a few short hours.
Man thanks to all who left comments and faved my work, and most of all thank you taenaron for selecting it as a DD!

You can check it out here:…
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This will be my second year in Artists' Alley at Comic Con. I will be doing the usual sketch commissions and selling prints (sorry, no Star Wars prints unfortunately). I will be at table CC-15 so if you are planning to attend please stop by and say hello!
I will be sitting with other known artists such as Grant Gould, Otis Frampton, Cat Staggs, Randy Martinez, Tom Hodges, etc.

It's going to be another crazy year. And I still don't feel prepared...ugh...time to get it together quick...

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Just wanted to give the heads up that my Indiana Jones sketch cards are up on ebay. Winner gets to pick one of the three displayed in auction. Auction ends Sunday, June 27!…
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Hey all,

Just want to give the heads up one of my Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II sketch card returns is up on ebay! This one is of Eowyn from The Two Towers.

You can check out the auction here -…
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I just put up one of my return sketch cards from Marvel Masterpieces III on Ebay. You can check it out here!…:
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My Lord of the Rings Evolution sketch card "Meeting at Lothlorien" is currently up for auction on ebay. Auction ends next Wednesday, April 8. You can check it out here -…
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Just giving the heads up that some of my sketch cards from the Topps Star Wars Galaxy set are featured over at Star along with a short interview.
You can check it out here:…
Hey everyone, once again I will be attending Phoenix Comicon slated for January 23-25 this year, so if you're going be sure to drop by and say hello! I will be sharing a space with Spazdog Comics this time around in the main exhibitor hall at Booth 6 and 7.
I am up on the artist guest list on their site which you can view here:…

I will be doing the usual sketch commissions on request as well as selling prints, including some new ones!

Here are my commission prices -
9x12 Head Sketch: Pencil - $15, Color - $25
9x12 Full Character Sketch: Pencil - $20, Color - $30-50

Personal Sketch Cards: Pencil - $10, Greyscale - $15, Color $20

Looking forward to seeing you all!
I am currently finishing up on my latest sketch card set for Topps, Star Wars Galaxy. I think this is going to be an awesome set and I'm thrilled to be part of it, so I tried to put my all into the cards. I decided to draw scenes from the six movies for many of the cards rather than all portrait shots to give collectors something to look out for. Plus there are a number of expanded universe characters including some faces from the Force Unleashed!
I won't be posting any just yet until I have all of them finished and approved by Topps but hopefully when they are up you will see some nice surprises in there!
If you haven't heard, Star Wars Fan Days II will be held in Plano Texas on Oct 25-26. I will have a table as will many other Star Wars artists, so if you are planning on attending be sure to stop by and say hello!
Details can be found at

See you there!